Hi, I'm Sarah, maker behind the brand Folk & Faró. Curator and museum professional by training, I have been creating (in whatever form) for as longs as I can remember - cooking, drawing, sewing, constructing - I'm at my best when producing something new.

Folk & Faró aesthetic is clean, simple, modern and a bit rustic. I love playing with natural texture and materials, primarily cottons and linen. Each piece is designed to highlight the subtle nuances of the material, along with hand-dyed, and hand-painted patterns.

You'll see a lot of my art history background in the overall look. I'm often influenced by various artists and genres both historical and contemporary - color studies of Marc Rothko, Spencer Finch's interpretations of light, Ad Reinhardt's monochromatic canvases or the tactile quality of Eva Hesse. (Currently.)

Again, thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, are looking to collaborate or just want to say hi (hi!) - feel free to drop me a line.